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From marketing strategy to creative execution, put a PRO on staff
for only the time you need. Today, it is essential to have a marketing program that continually builds your brand, creates repeat customers and identifies and moves prospects closer to a sale.


Why Ken & KSA?


For over 30 years KSA has helped B2B clients develop a marketing strategy and implement a program with cost-effective tactics designed to maximize available budget.  Now, as a consultant, Ken Slauf brings these decades of experience to your company at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal marketing personnel or contracting an advertising agency/marketing services company.

How Does Ken/KSA Work?

Here's How...

Ken Has Answered Many Of These Marketing FAQs...

Typically industrial/manufacturing firms allocate 1%-3% of annual revenue to marketing activities. The proper allocation and measurement is critical.  Let’s discuss establishing a workable budget for you.

The algorithms for Google have greatly changed in the last year.   Having your site “mobile ready” is crucial. 
A complete site analysis might be required.

Having a database driven marketing program targeted
at your customers and prospects can pave the way
for greater direct sales
contact.  Meaningful content creation for sales promotion, engineering solutions or other customer-centric information can increase direct sales activities.

Engaging in primary and/
or secondary research can lead to knowledge that
will assist in the retention
of current customers and identification of new prospects.

Implementing an all-inclusive Search Engine Management (SEM) program that appropriately tags ALL your digital media including websites,
YouTube channel, PR activities and secondary link management will boost your traffic.

By using both primary and secondary research, we can see how you fare versus the competition regarding key factors such as quality, service, delivery and price.  These results can assist in directing the content
required to form the basis of your marketing and sales engagement.

Analyzing publications’ BPA statements is the first step in determining their reach to your target markets.  A thorough review of both
print and digital media offered can help in determining the right mix, frequency and budget allocation required.



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Combining unique creative, targeted audience and digital & print media spells success.

Eliminating a 100+ page print catalog for an interactive online format adds to the bottom line.

Creating an adaptable global brand ties together sales offices in Brazil, Japan & China.


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Ken Slauf brings three decades of experience to your company at a fraction of the cost of internal marketing personnel or advertising agency.