How Does Ken Work?

What does it cost?

What does the monthly fee include?

It couldn’t be more straightforward.  Based on the scope/size of your marketing plan, you contract with Ken to be your marketing manager for a guaranteed number of hours per month at a reasonable $100 hourly rate. Typically, this ranges anywhere from 8-25 hours per month to execute your marketing program.

As your marketing manager, Ken fulfills the role normally assigned to an internal staff person. This includes executing the plan, managing the budget, attending regularly scheduled meetings, and most importantly, contracting AND managing an experienced and creative stable of outside services on
your behalf.

What if I don't have a program?

What services might I need?

In Ken’s experience, companies that have a written marketing program can demonstrate measurable results.  Your engagement with Ken can start with the development of a marketing plan that can include identification of market segments, competitive analysis, media recommendation (including print and electronic media), development of target databases for e-marketing, trade show analysis and establishment of a real-world budget to achieve the stated goals and objectives.

To execute your marketing plan, Ken will tap his network of marketing professionals including graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts, search engine specialists, public relations experts, trade show exhibit builders, market researchers and telemarketers to ensure the plan is executed On-time and On-budget…
you can demonstrate ROI for your marketing expenditures.

What if we have existing marketing staff?

How do I pay for outside services?

When clients have existing marketing staff, Ken’s role becomes more managerial. He’ll direct staff to efficiently accomplish marketing tasks. For clients with larger marketing budgets and extensive sales support activities, the combination of Ken plus a marketing coordinator
makes for a cost-effective solution.

Ken offers two options. You receive invoices for all outside services at the cost incurred and pay these directly without any mark-up or additional service charge, or Ken will aggregate all invoices, submit to you and handle payment

for a small service fee.

What is my time commitment?

Typically, 8-25 hours per month is all that is required for Ken to manage your marketing program. An initial 6-month contract is required. After that, the contract can be renewed anywhere from a quarterly to an annual basis.


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Ken Slauf brings three decades of experience to your company at a fraction of the cost of internal marketing personnel or advertising agency.